NSU Women’s Basketball

The Natchitoches Rotary Club welcomed the newly appointed Head Coach of NSU Women’s Basketball, Jordan Dupuy. A Louisiana native, Coach Dupuy comes to NSU with several years under his belt coaching at Southern Mississippi. Drawn by the reputation and credibility of the women’s basketball program, Dupuy stated that, he knew during the extensive interview process that this was the place he should be. He and his family have quickly felt at home in Natchitoches, which Dupuy attributes to the numerous people he’s met and works with on a daily basis. Dupuy went on to comment about the caliber of coaches that he’s been able to bring in, noting that the head coach is only as good as the coaches he works with. Fans can expect to see an up-paced, match-up, zoned style of defense with lots of communication. He’s relying on the great senior leaders to drive the team in winning: in the classroom, on the court, and in the community. Coach Dupuy closed with questions about the team schedule. For more information, go to www.nsudemons.com.


Pictured from left to right are Adam Jonson, Coach Jordan Dupuy, and Rotary President Fred Terasa.


New Member

The Natchitoches Rotary Club welcomed its newest member into the fold at their most recent meeting. Fred Terasa, Rotary President, introduced Jennifer Brossett to the group. Brossett, who recently spoke with the group, is the Supply Chain Director for ADA Carbon Solutions. She is looking forward to serving the community through the Rotary Club.
Pictured from left to right are Jennifer Brossett, Fred Terasa, and Peter Yacoe.

Apalachee Indians and their history in Natchitoches Parish

Father Chad Partain, local historian, pastor of St. Frances Cabrini Church in Alexandria and Chancellor of the Diocese of Alexandria, took time out of his busy back-to-school schedule to enlighten the Natchitoches Rotary Club on the Apalachee Indians and their history in Natchitoches Parish. The author of numerous books on local and church history, Fr. Partain detailed the Apalachee’s Trail of Tears which eventually led them isolated in the Kisatchie hills. Today, descendants from the tribe remain near Immanuel. The tribe is currently seeking state and federal recognition as an Indian tribe; Fr. Partain is attempting to assist the long-suffering tribe in their efforts through historical research and records found within the archives of the Diocese of Alexandria. More information can be found in Fr. Partain’s book, In the Heart of Louisiana: an illustrated history of Rapides Parish.
Pictured from left to right are Bill Finical, Fred Terasa, Father Chad Partain, and Henry Kinberger.

CAPA Presents “Murder Ahoy!”

A select group of students from Northwestern State University’s School of Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) delighted the Natchitoches Rotary Club recently with a sneak peak of their upcoming summer dinner theater performance. Scott Burrell, Coordinator of Theater and Dance at NSU, promised the group that “Murder Ahoy!” a mystery dinner comedy theater along the same lines of Abbott & Costello and The Three Stooges, is sure to provide audience members lots of laughs, great food, and top-notch entertainment from this year’s cast. Audiences for “Murder Ahoy!” will be seated on stage in A.A. Fredericks auditorium, be served a four-course meal by cast members, and assist in solving a murder at sea! Burrell, who has been a familiar face at NSU for 19 years, went on to commend the work ethic, professionalism, and overall ability of the students and staff of CAPA, which is known as the premier regional musical drama program. 7-28-2016
Pictured from left to right are Fred Terasa, Sean Grady, Frank Fuller, L.G. Williams, Bethany Lee, Payton Hartwick, and Scott Burrell.

District Governor Visit

7-12-2016The Natchitoches Rotary Club welcomed District 6190 Governor (2016-2017) Cindy Cespiva to a special program focused on a new direction and vision for Rotary as well as the theme “Rotary Serves Humanity”. Governor Cespiva outlined the district goals for the Rotary year and noted that the district will provide leadership, encouragement and support to Rotarians to advance individual engagement in community, club, district and internationally. High on the list of personal goals was to define and strengthen the position of assistant governors. Supporting this objective she announced that Natchitoches Past President, Josh Manuel has been appointed Assistant District Governor working with the Natchitoches, Many, and Winnfield clubs. She complemented the club on its outstanding year of service to the community and made special note of the club’s recent growth. distgovShe also encouraged the membership to support “Paul Harris Fellows” and the Foundation Giving Programs. The District Governor closed with a challenge to invite people to join Rotary because we think it will suit them and that their skills, experiences and passions will be a great asset to our activities. Pictured from left to right are Natchitoches Rotary President-Elect, Rotary President Fred Terasa, District 6190 Governor Cindy Cespiva, and Assistant District Governor Josh Manuel.

NSU Men’s Basketball

The Natchitoches Rotary Club enjoyed an overview of the NSU Men’s Basketball Program presented by Coach Mike McConathy, the coach with the most wins in LA college basketball history. After a 17-14 season last year he feels the team is ready for a  return to the NCAA Tournament.  He noted that the early schedule of strong competition, which includes 8 teams who made it to the NCAA Tournament, will best prepare the Demons for the stretch run when they enter the Southland Conference phase of their schedule.   The challenge for the early season is to blend the seven newcomers with returning standouts Jalan West and Zeek Woodley among seven letter-winners back from last season.  Finally, stressing the importance of academics, he spoke with pride about the national recognition that the team has received as well as the fact that almost 90 percent of the seniors in his NSU program have graduated. Last season, eight players had grade point averages over 3.0 in the fall semester.   Coach closed with questions about the team schedule and invited everyone to come out and see the “new-look Demons.”  For more information go to www.nsudemons.com .

Coach McConathy
Pictured from left to right are the Rotarian with the program, Ronald Corkern, Coach Mike McConathy and Rotarian, LTC Macky Underwood.

Boys and Girls Clubs

Eliza Behrendsen, Chief Professional Officer of The Boys & Girls Club of El Camino Real provided the Natchitoches Rotary Club with an impressive overview of services provided to more than 600  local youth ages 6 to 18. Last year the club served over 14,000 meals and 12,000 snacks as well as delivering youth lessons on leadership,  homework help, guidance, and direction all in a safe environment where the children can have fun.  This is all made possible with 2 paid staff, 6 NSU student workers, 5 LSMSA work service students, 2 NSU interns, 11 volunteer Board members supported by over 100 local volunteers on a annual budget of $100,000 which comes from local donations.  Behrendsen spoke with pride on what has been accomplished with their bare-bones budget, but noted that more can be done with additional volunteers and funding. Following questions and a discussion of program goals and future plans,  she invited everyone to come by the MLK Center or visit online at http://www.bgcnla.org/.

Boys and Girls Club
Pictured from left to right are Rotarian Phil Habig, Eliza Behrendsen,
Rotarian Dr. Larry Burke, and the Rotarian with the program Kendal Perkins.

Natchitoches Regional Medical Center

Natchitoches Regional Medical Center CEO, Kirk Soileau, provided the
Natchitoches Rotary Club with a progress report on his first 18 months on
the job.  He spoke with pride of major changes in medical personnel,
organization, and construction aimed at providing high quality care for the
patients of our region.  He described the  strategic partnership with the
Studer Group focusing on 3 performance goals  which include a TOP 5% ranking
of Hospital Customer Satisfaction nationally, designation as a  TOP 100
Hospital in the United States, and earning the  Malcolm Baldridge National
Quality Award within five  years.  He noted Improvements in ER care, the
impact of the new Walk-in clinic, the introduction of robotic surgery,
increases in professional staffing, and the construction of the
Comprehensive Wound Center as a part of the $3,000,000 renovation and
expansion plan.  Following questions and a discussion of the management
resources provided by CHRISTUS Health,  CEO Soileau invited everyone to come
by the Center or visit online at http://www.natchitocheshospital.org/volunteers.php.

Pictured from left to right are Rotarians Arthur Welch, Rotarian with the program Dr. Margaret Wheat Carter, Rotarian Kirk Soileau, and Rotarian John Luster.