Boys and Girls Clubs

Eliza Behrendsen, Chief Professional Officer of The Boys & Girls Club of El Camino Real provided the Natchitoches Rotary Club with an impressive overview of services provided to more than 600  local youth ages 6 to 18. Last year the club served over 14,000 meals and 12,000 snacks as well as delivering youth lessons on leadership,  homework help, guidance, and direction all in a safe environment where the children can have fun.  This is all made possible with 2 paid staff, 6 NSU student workers, 5 LSMSA work service students, 2 NSU interns, 11 volunteer Board members supported by over 100 local volunteers on a annual budget of $100,000 which comes from local donations.  Behrendsen spoke with pride on what has been accomplished with their bare-bones budget, but noted that more can be done with additional volunteers and funding. Following questions and a discussion of program goals and future plans,  she invited everyone to come by the MLK Center or visit online at

Boys and Girls Club
Pictured from left to right are Rotarian Phil Habig, Eliza Behrendsen,
Rotarian Dr. Larry Burke, and the Rotarian with the program Kendal Perkins.

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