Make A Difference Week

October 17 — 22, 2016

The Natchitoches Rotary Club is sponsoring “Make A Difference Week” for our area during the week of October 20th – 26th. The main goal of the project will be to help others in our community by “Putting Your Cares on Hold for One day to Care for Someone Else“.

The response to Make A Difference Week as been outstanding.  See what organizations are doing to Make a Difference in Natchitoches.

You can do this by performing random acts of kindness for others in our area.
Examples of such good deeds are:

  • Visit a Nursing Home
  • Take a Meal to someone ill or a shut-in
  • Help rebuild a playground
  • Clean up trash
  • Do chores for the Elderly or Infirmed (mow, rake leaves, paint, etc.)
  • Assist PAWS in a Project
  • Drive Someone to the Doctor or to Buy Groceries for them

Through doing one or more of these activities we hope that you will realize that it really is better to give than to receive!

Here is a list of project ideas in the local area.

Links to other project ideas:

 Please submit your activities using the Make A Difference Report.  This will help us recognize all the participants who made a difference.